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I’m interested in daily life, banality and naturalness.


Daily Life:  for me the daily life itself has an immensely exceptional character because I see it as a precious, unique, finite and unrepeatable opportunity  escaping in front of our eyes every millisecond of the present. The present moment is the only real space of time where I life, each moment of this space exists with its own uniqueness and I want to appropriate its finite beauty through photography.

Banality:  I understand it as the place where we find real life, a forgotten and limited space in time full of meaning and I’m interested to capture this unimportant resource for many, to overpass death and to leave my testimony of what I have seen.


Naturalness: I believe in the beauty of the natural state of things, humans and nature. I always work with my subjects in the most natural way, my challenge is to  transmit this beauty into my work without physical alteration, to be more sincere, more closer to the quotidian, more banal, more mortal.


I´m always looking for the poetry of kairos inside the banal and natural moments of everyday life.